Baghead (2024)

A young woman inherits a dilapidated pub from a distant relative, filled with both trepidation and excitement about the new chapter in her life. As she begins to clean and renovate the old establishment, she discovers a hidden basement door. Intrigued, she unlocks it and descends into the darkness, where she encounters Baghead, a shape-shifting creature with a horrifying ability. Baghead can transform into the visage of deceased loved ones, providing a fleeting and bittersweet chance to communicate with them once more. Follow Lookmovie Horror Movies for more.

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Title: Baghead (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Horror
Director: Alberto Corredor
Writer: Christina Pamies, Bryce McGuire, Lorcan Reilly
Stars: Freya Allan, Jeremy Irvine, Ruby Barker

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